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Gnudi Photos

Haha I’m so funny (the title – get it?).

The other day I told Shana and Maria that maybe they should change the name of the blog to Gastronomical Two since I rarely make an appearance. We had an AMAZING G3 collaborative dinner the other night (I’m sure someone – prob not me – but maybe me – you never know – will post about it soon) and I am finally feeling inspired and determined to show them I actually do cook every once in a while.

This is acutally from a month or so ago but it was one of the best things I’ve attempted lately – and plus I took photos!

The recipe is Ricotta Gnudi with Wild Mushroom and Truffle Sauce (need I say more?) from the January issue of Bon Appetit in which Gnudi was proclaimed to be the “Dish of the Year.” Of course when I came across a recipe with wild mushrooms, prosciutto, sage and truffle oil in it – I couldn’t pass it up. I wrote it down in my notebook back in January, and one Saturday a month or so ago (do you sense a theme here? procrastination maybe?) I finally decided to take it on.

Now I’m sure you probably are wondering if this is something like gnocchi – but it really isn’t. It is apparently meant to be ravioli fillng without the wrapper. So where gnocchi is made with potato, gnudi is made with ricotta cheese. So it is much lighter and more delicate than gnocchi.

So below is a picture of the gnudi before I cooked them. The recipe was a little annoying because it says to roll the dough into balls, and then shape into a short log, which is not as easy as it sounds (getting them even and uniform in size) so after a while I gave up and just made long rolls and used a knife to cut them into pieces. Unfortunately they ended up looking pretty “home-made.” Oh well.

Gnudi before cooking

(OK I don’t really know how to work this photo editor I think it changed since I last used it… or I just forgot)

Here are some more – cooked mushrooms, and the crispy sage and prosciutto:

Cooking Gnudi

Here is finishing by adding the gnudi to the sauce.
Cooking Gnudi in sauce

And …. the final product:

Final Product

Since I live in Ann Arbor and not New York I haven’t seen gnudi on any menus yet, but maybe if we’re lucky it will show up here in the next 20-30 years. In the meantime either take a trip to NY, or try out this recipe.

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In the mood for something fresh and seasonal for lunch the other day, I mused to a colleague that it would be great if Whole Foods were to open a second branch somewhere close to central campus. Something along the lines of an Express version of the megastore, serving delicious prepared food, a salad bar, healthy snacks and baked goods to take away. Wouldn’t that be great? Later that day, a faithful reader* happened to tip me off that plans for a second WF are in the works for the Deuce. My hopes soared–would my dream of lunchtime gourmet convenience food be realized? Er, no. The new store will be nowhere near central campus, sadly, but in the Cranbrook Village shopping center.

I wonder: is A2 big enough for 2 Whole Foods? Will they compete for the same customer base, Ann Arborites willing to shell out for artisinal organic cheeses and a stunning variety of herbal supplements? Or will the two locations attract different clientele–one frequented by families, the other by singles? One for dyed-in-the-wool hippies, the other for earth-conscious oenophiles? Drinkers of Silk versus Rice Dream? We need only wait a year until the mystery unravels.

*Thanks, Eric!

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An inordinate amount of my time is spent these days on ann arbor craigslist, trolling the apartments for rent section. It’s the main reason this blog, and my adopted kitchen at the boyfriend’s house, has seen little of me lately. Sure, I cooked up a little birthday brunch a few weeks ago, featuring an asparagus bread pudding from 101 cookbooks. And I vaguely recall a vietnamese chicken salad and some sesame peanut noodles, to accompany a viewing of the Soprano’s a few weeks back. A loaf of banana-coconut bread appeared, as did a stellar pizza with olives, eggplant, and feta. (We’ve caught the pizza bug from Maria and John.) I fixed myself some nice cavatappi with white beans and sundried tomatoes for a solo dinner, which was superbly satisfying. That might sound like respectable kitchen output for several weeks, but it hasn’t felt like it. My zest for life, typically expressed by preparing relatively delicious food (that I read about in the blogs, apparently), has been squelched by a dispiriting march through Ann Arbor’s apartments–and most disappointingly, its kitchens. (more…)

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