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I am still swooning. At the Shadow Art Fair this weekend, we came across these lovely and inspired letterpress cards from Letterform, a graphic design studio with deep roots in Ann Arbor. When they’re not making greeting cards with foodalicious puns like “Shanks, Shanks a Lot” and “Whisking You a Happy Birthday,” Andy and Julie, graduates from the UM School of Art + Design, are making posters for Tally Hall or designing marketing materials for Found Magazine. They say they’re coming back to the Deuce, and we really want them to, because Ann Arbor could use some letterpress geniuses with a penchant for culinary puns,


and an attention to the details of pleasing packaging.


Check out their Nourishing Notes Flickr set, and once you decide that you simply must buy these either for yourself or someone on your holiday shopping list, go on over to their Etsy shop and do the deed. (Make sure to make your purchase before December 18 for delivery by the 25th.)

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